Understanding one of the most sensitive aspects to be must concerned for cherishing and creating a bond between the children and their journey to the path of education. We realized to consider the unconsidered situation where the children are losing their strength to hold the path of education because of various influential and behavioural countenances. We intend to explore and develop the efficiency of the children circling in the primary phase of secondary education with in-depth research on psychological and thought process through different effective ways of communicative interaction. By learning and driving to the depth, we tend to explore the nature of the children between the age group of 10 to above +, the age where they are in a phase of adaptability. Concentrating on grass root level, we intend to understand the different mind sets of children and foster their efficiency to adapt and implement the skills and knowledge. Initiating our primary focus on Government schools and other schools of rural areas, we intend to nurture the children through different creative and fresh notions by understanding the atmosphere and current Scenarios affecting their learning abilities. We Recognise this as a lead to improve their efficiency to adapt the knowledge and resources available to successfully walk the path of education. We take our drive towards emending the supervene of blemishes and supporting the children to overcome and cross through the miens that create the menace of failure.