The objective of FAILURE BROTHERS is stemmed by a real story. During our school’s 2002-03 batch mates re-union after a decade, while disclosing our life stories, I observed a few tearjerkers in which my friends foiled their career due to frail learning processes they went through. I then wondered about how many more millions of students struggled and are still struggling with the similar difficulties, and how many billions of students will go through the same struggle in future. Thus, I was compelled to riddle out those hidden difficulties and barriers of students, which is still ceasing them to thrive in their education. I embarked on a deep-rooted research with my 10th batch mates. I interacted, discussed with, and analyzed passed out students who had faced this challenge. Then I conducted an intense research on students currently suffering the same thing – their performance in previous classes, changes from class to class, learning process, mindset, and characteristics. After comparing their mindset and thought process with that of the passed out students, I spotted few similar characteristics in each student, which has been holding them back. Next, I interacted with my intermediate batch mates, who struggled to prosper in academics. Initially, I examined the changes from 10th to +2 which backfired on their performance, then I analyzed their thought process, mindset, and learning process. Finally, I reached out to the passed out batches and ran a radical research on them, examining those who struggled, those who passed, and those who failed to grab jobs. Based on the research on my whole batch mates, I prepared a primary report which mirrors some hidden characteristics, difficulties and barriers in every student who had struggled with this bad omen. I then surveyed my senior batches and got a similar report. Thereafter, I tapped into the current running batches, to know the difference between learning process, study environment, thought process and mindset of the current students and decade-old students. I visited schools in both rural and urban areas conducting seminars, taking feedback, and having discussion with teachers and parents. Afterwards, I met students from various colleges, universities and other higher educational institutes to discuss about the same topic. I also conducted a pilot project in government and private schools. After 4 years of research under Cithakomala Publishers Pvt Ltd (Parent company of failure brother), I perceived that students may belong to different environments, age groups, demographics, and time-periods, but they all hold certain characteristics which splash negative impact on their capabilities. To wipe out those ailing characteristics, we designed some modern concepts and released a book, titled ‘Question My Self,’ which we handed to 100 students but received only 10% positive reviews from them. After one year, we released another book, How To Be A Better Student, which rewarded us 100% positive review from everyone. Eventually, we kick-started FAILURE BROTHERS where we implement our modern concepts and methodologies to transform struggling students to better and knowledge-rich scholars.


We Aim to wipe the problem skipping attitude and plant the Finding Solution attitude.


We believe that one day we can help eradicate the word ‘failure’ from the mind of students by empowering them with enduring confidence, concentration, and self-learning methodologies.